What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity management focuses on enabling users to create a single digital identity that can be used in any place where a login is required to access a website or service. It is not a single technology, but a group of related technologies and ideas. In the simplest terms, one’s digital identity is a method that allows recognition any place where a log-in is needed. A variety of different systems are being developed, and though they have the same broad purpose of creating a sign-on system that is convenient and secure for an individual rather than a company or organization, ideas about what precisely defines a user-centric identity system and how that would be implemented are still widely varied. Both Google and Facebook are positioning their systems to be the “home” of one’s digital identity.

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(1) How might this technology be relevant to the museums you know best?

  • Visitors and users are more concerned about connecting to good content verses whether that content came from Museum A or Museum B. The museum’s position in the community certainly helps the user make that choice but at the end of the day the user wants to unfettered access to information across many different sources. Digital Identity can serve as a single point of access for information. Museums could work together to create a single gateway for users to organize and share content. Perhaps it could be in the form of an Application? Bottom-line: it has to be a collaborative project. - robert.trio robert.trio Aug 28, 2011 I totally agree. Mobile tour providers have had a great opportunity to make erodes in this area for almost a decade now. Museum's will likely lead the way. - scott.sayre scott.sayre Aug 31, 2011

(2) What themes are missing from the above description that you think are important?

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(3) What do you see as the potential impact of this technology on education and interpretation in museums?

  • - lynda.kelly lynda.kelly Aug 31, 2011 Digital identity is more than just if you happen to be in Facebook or Google. It is the way a person chooses to project themselves to the world. We need to understand visitors' leanrig identities and encourage educators and other staff to program for a range of these. I researched this for my thesis and there's some initial writings about this issue here
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(4) Do you have or know of a project working in this area?

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