Press Clippings: Published Technologies to Watch Lists

This area is a place to collect "Technologies to Watch" lists published by other organizations. Though these lists and publications may serve a different audience and purpose than the Horizon Report does, they contain many useful descriptions and discussions that can and should inform our work.

We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters-- - Sam Sam Apr 14, 2011 (note - to keep the wiki clean, please put spaces on either side of your marks). This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

  • 5 Trends that Will Shape the Next Few Years of Social Media
    "The past few years have seen some spectacular changes in the technology that embeds itself in our daily lives. The perfect storm of social media, smart phones and location awareness is only beginning to take full effect. We’ve gazed into crystal ball and considered how we think these technologies will combine to become such an established fabric of our lives that in the next few years what we’ve written here won’t be considered amazing at all..." - Larry Larry Apr 25, 2011 - nik.honeysett nik.honeysett Aug 10, 2011 - ed.rodley ed.rodley Aug 13, 2011 - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Aug 14, 2011 Nothing in this article surprises me - and that worries me. Is the future truly going to be so predictable? - nancy.proctor nancy.proctor Aug 14, 2011 True convergance will occur once credit card transactions are as simple as our social transactions - susan.hazan susan.hazan Aug 16, 2011.
  • JWT Intelligence Sometimes it helps to telescope back at broader trends or trends just outside our museum and technology fields of vision. These "Trendletters" and "2011 and beyond" report do just that. - len.steinbach len.steinbach Aug 15, 2011

  • 5 Web Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2011
    Mashable takes an in-depth look at the advancing web technologies with this most promise in 2011.
  • 8 Apps for Art Fanatics
    This post examines 8 of the most well designed museum/art apps available for iPads right now.- holly holly Aug 8, 2011love MOMA books and Zen brush. The Monet and Van Gogh HD are good and of course the ideal is always more, better images in higher resolution. The other apps already feel a bit outdated to me.
  • Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011
    Gartner's list of strategic technologies to watch includes different types of data analytics, coupled with the ubiquitous computing the cloud offers. - Larry Larry Apr 25, 2011- holly holly Aug 8, 2011our appetite for the new and the better is now out of control. I want all of these strategic technologies functional (and they pretty much are) but what hasn't yet caught up is the content I want. :( - nik.honeysett nik.honeysett Aug 10, 2011 - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Aug 14, 2011 - erin.coburn erin.coburn Aug 14, 2011 - allegra.burnette allegra.burnette Aug 15, 2011 - susan.hazan susan.hazan Aug 16, 2011~
  • Gartner Outlines 10 Mobile Technologies to Watch in 2010 and 2011
    Gartner outlines the top mobile technologies to watch in 2010-2011 - nik.honeysett nik.honeysett Aug 10, 2011 - erin.coburn erin.coburn Aug 14, 2011 - allegra.burnette allegra.burnette Aug 15, 2011 I wonder when Gartner will stop refering to 'mobile technologies' as a separate subset - susan.hazan susan.hazan Aug 16, 2011
  • Seven Technologies that will Rock 2011
    "So here we are in a new decade, and the technologies that are now available to us continue to engage (and enthrall) in fascinating ways. The rise and collision of several trends—social, mobile, touch computing, geo, cloud—keep spitting out new products and technologies which keep propelling us forward." - Larry Larry Apr 25, 2011 --Agree. The most successful technologies must strategically encompass a blend of multiple important technologies, the way tablets do, for example.- Sam Sam Apr 25, 2011 - ed.rodley ed.rodley Aug 13, 2011 Mostly agree with this article, but I wonder if its inclusion of Quora may reflect its January publication (did a lot of us in the museum sector have a brief New Year's Quora Moment and then taper off there, or was that just me backsliding? I believe in it, but where's the time...). - rob.lancefield rob.lancefield Aug 14, 2011 - erin.coburn erin.coburn Aug 14, 2011 Yah, I'm disappointed that Quora hasn't taken off more. There will be interesting learnings for other platforms as well if we can figure out why. I agree it's probably NOT one to watch. - nancy.proctor nancy.proctor Aug 14, 2011
  • Ten Tablets to Keep an Eye On in 2011
    Business Week cites the Motorola Xoom and ASUS Ee Pad Transformer among the top tablets for 2011. --More than anything, this article reflects the importance of the tablet this year. Tablets are transforming the way students learn in school.- Sam Sam Apr 25, 2011
  • Top Technologies to Watch in 2011, Part 1
    Alexander Wolfe predicts the death of desktop computing, among other IT trends in 2011.
  • Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends
    These slides explore the opportunities that lie ahead for the dissemination of information through mobile apps and browsing. - nik.honeysett nik.honeysett Aug 10, 2011 - ed.rodley ed.rodley Aug 13, 2011
  • Google Art and similar collaborative platforms: I don't know that Google Art per se will triumph, but I think it has made certain kinds of collaboration and content sharing for the benefit of online audiences more concrete for museums, and hopefully will impact the way we work going forward. It's kind of embarrassing that it took an outside mega-corporation to get us enabling people to create "collections" across museums. There were of course several false starts before Google Art, and GA won't survive either unless Google decides to make it an on-going charitable activity (I don't see how even ad revenue on museum content - assuming museums were to permit that - would generate enough money to expand and maintain GA in the long term.). But it would be appropriate for international charitable foundations to fund this sort of common platform for art and other disciplines. Here are my other thoughts on why Google Art (phase 1) was so important. NB this had mainly to do with the gigapixel scans and interior "streetviews", which are the most expensive features. - nancy.proctor nancy.proctor Aug 14, 2011 no one does Street view like Google - who else has the ability? - susan.hazan susan.hazan Aug 16, 2011